PINU Whitepaper

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Definitions

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized virtual currency. It is not pegged to any state. It is cryptographically protected and decentralized, the information about transactions in it is entered and stored in Blockchain. Puzzle Inu for the purposes of this project is understood as points, distributed among the project participants, as a reward for financial or administrative contributions to the development of the system and project. It is intended only for the provision and use of registered project participants. Blockchain is a continuous sequential chain of blocks containing information; A system that fixes all the agreements between its participants. The smart contract is a computer algorithm developed to conclude and maintain agreements within the framework of a Blockchain. Token Sale is a primary token offering to users. Puzzle Inu (PINU)- in this case, it is one (point) of the Puzzle Inu. Puzzle Inu Holder is the owner (holder) of PINUs. Airdrop and Bonus are a part of marketing costs; this is the cost of supporting the project on social networks, attracting ambassadors, etc.
The User acknowledges, understands, and agrees that Puzzle Inu are not capital issues and are not registered with any government agency as security, and should not be treated as such. Puzzle Inu ownership does not imply a right to participate in the management of Puzzle Inu Token projects. Puzzle Inu Tokens ownership does not provide a stake in Puzzle Inu Tokens and any projects operating within the Fund. The transfer of funds in favor of the project is charitable and aimed at creating an ecosystem of projects. This document is not a public offer and is purely informative. The User acknowledges to comply with the rules concerning anti-money laundering and terrorism financing and is aware of the necessity to undergo a procedure of identification –KYC in case of transferring Super Digital Tokens on the crypto exchange or to a third party.

Risk Factors

The investment, acquisition, donation, or other transfer of funds into electronic instruments, such as the development of Internet projects, and cryptocurrencies, including the Puzzle Inu, is associated with risks, including but not limited to the following. Various regulatory bodies around the world control regulatory uncertainty in Blockchain technologies. Any Cryptocurrency, tokens, and tokens PINU can also be regulated by them, which makes it possible to restrict the use or possession of digital crypto-tools or the purchase of crypto-tools in the future. Puzzle Inu is not an investment and does not involve passive income. PINUs do not have any rights, scopes, goals, attributes, functionality, or features. All persons and parties involved in the purchase of Puzzle Inu do it at their own risk. All persons, receiving loyalty points understand that their use is possible only within the framework of the created ecosystem. Since Applicable law, the volatility of the Cryptocurrency, tools, bonuses, or tokens, does not regulate the Cryptocurrency market, the market of crypto-tools, tokens or bonuses, exchanges, and platforms on which secondary tokens can be traded in general, and Puzzle Inu, in particular, can be very significant. Transactions with crypto-currencies, transactions with bonuses, tokens, and other electronic instruments are not insured by any external public or private bodies. All the risks associated with the loss of Cryptocurrency, tokens, and points, including Puzzle Inu, are borne by the acquirer of the Cryptocurrency. PINU is not refundable. The company does not repurchase Puzzle Inu Tokens from PINU holders. Holders of Puzzle Inu Token will not receive financial means or other compensation in the form of compensation. The company makes no promises regarding the future performance or value of Puzzle Inu Tokens and does not affect future indicators. Risks related to Internet technologies Since PINU activities are tightly linked to the global Internet, any of its failures are a risk of the Incorrect operation of Puzzle Inu applications and platforms. Risk of loss of private keys Puzzle Inu Tokens can be stored by the buyer in his/her digital wallet, and a digital key or a combination of digital keys in is required for getting access to it. Losing these required keys will result in the loss of access to the buyer’s wallet and all funds stored in this wallet. The risk of losing the key remains exclusively on its owner, Puzzle Inu does not bear any responsibility for the loss of digital keys.
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